Inspiring & Empowering Leadership Culture – expanded PRAC article

As we seek to put our finger on the pulse of Australian Baptist church life, one of the most significant signs of health and vitality is our leadership. (more…)

Shaping church for others

“While all scripture is inspired by God and is profitable… there are times when the Word of God cuts through particularly sharply, like a two edged sword. I vividly recall many decades ago when I was struggling with a “meat sacrificed to idols” issue – one of those scenarios where Christians had differing opinions and where my choice would, quite likely, offend some Christians. I was reading 1 Corinthians 9 when it became crystal clear to me….”

Writes David Chatelier in a recent BUV Blog. Click here to read the article.

Cross-Cultural Ministry at Home

“I can’t help asking, why is it that Australian Baptists in foreign mission are intentional, relational, adaptive and creative in their expressions of evangelism – but at home we seem to-be ad-hoc, constrained by our existing socio-economic circles, rigid in our expressions of worship and witness?” (more…)

Out of the Box

An invitation to move into new forms of mission and ministry. “In the story of God’s people, it is often those who dared to imagine a different reality who were crucial in helping their community to move in God’s new direction.” These words introduce Out of the Box, a fresh CD resource to help churches dream up a storm of new ways to express worship and prayer, mission and community. (more…)