A Baptist in search of himself

Rev Allan Demond spoke at the induction of Rev Bill Brown as Chairman of the National Council of Australian Baptist Ministries in May 2015. He has adapted his talk into an article, reflecting on what it means to be a Baptist in Australia. Who are we?

Australian Baptist Ministries have made the article on available on our website here.

It is a worthwhile read for all those within our movement, and particularly Pastors, to help us form an answer to the question ‘What is a Baptist?’.

Challenges for Churches and Advice to new Rev.s

Prac interview with Garry Billing; General Superintendent for Tasmanian Baptists in 2010.

PRAC: Tell us a bit about your life and ministry experience prior to becoming GS for Tasmanian Baptists.

I sensed a call to pastoral ministry at the age of 16 and commenced studies at age 20. I had anticipated pursuing a musical career, but instead have found fulfilling opportunities to use these abilities within the churches I have served. I was ordained at Ulverstone in March 1969, two months after Wendy and I were married. We commenced ministry in Launceston where our two boys, Andrew and Shane, were born. When our hopes of going as missionaries to Bangladesh didn’t work out, we focused on pastoral leadership.


Facebook Pastors III – part 2

In this third series (part two) I speak to Mark Broadbent and Dan Harding, both pastors in the City Life Christian Church campuses in Brisbane.  Facebook is the central communication tool of the church and both Dan and Mark use it extensively as a missional tool.  They have some very interesting perspectives on how to use social media strategically, and this edition cover some of the success stories and the downsides to social media. (more…)