Australian Baptists – The Good, The Not So Good & The Not Good Enough

Australian Baptists are a movement of almost 1000 churches.

In late 2011, 111,774 adults from 331 Australian Baptist churches completed the National Church Life Survey.  What does the NCLS reveal? This world class research provides valuable insights into the Church in Australia. It allows us to look above our narrow perspectives to take an objective look at what is really happening, and not happening, in Australian Baptist Churches.   (more…)

Research Reveals Hidden Potential In Baptist Churches

By Stan Fetting (Crossover Operations Manager)

Crossover invested heavily in the 2011 National Church Life Survey to commission research to help understand the potential and opportunities that exist for evangelism and church planting within our movement of churches.  In addition to the standard NCLS questionnaire Crossover commissioned a further ten Baptist specific questions.  The findings will help the leadership at all levels understand more about how we are doing as a movement and what opportunities we can grasp. The good news on the question of church planting is that we have plenty of potential represented in the significant amount of people in our churches who are prepared to be engaged.  The question posed was “If you had the opportunity, would you support and/or become an active participant in the planting of a new church?”. The results are encouraging. (more…)

Getting used to our Prime Atheist

The recent change of leadership resulting in Australia’s first female PM changed the landscape as far as the church is concerned.  Prior to the clinical assassination of Kevin Rudd, both the incumbent PM and the contender were by their own confession men of faith.  On accession to power Kevin Rudd nominated Bonhoeffer as an inspiration and more often than not held a press conference outside church every Sunday. Tony Abbott is a catholic and has not shied away from his faith and his convictions, particularly on the issue of abortion.  The new PM has nailed her colours to the mast (to her credit) and confirmed that she is not a woman of faith. She revealed that the Baptists came close to claiming her, saying in an interview with John Fain: (more…)

AJ Waldock and the BUNSW

Looking back through 177 years of Baptist history in Australia, there is no shortage of stories of renewal. One of the best examples is the story of AJ Waldock and the Baptist Union of NSW (BUNSW). (more…)

PRAC Winter Edition

The winter edition of PRAC is out and is currently being distributed to churches.  This issue features Brian Winslade on ‘The Morphing Of Corporate Worship’ with some stinging observations about the abdication of responsibility by pastors in the shaping of corporate worship.  Musician and worship pastor Simon Kennedy paints some interesting parallels between a gig at an RSL club and a church in a thought provoking piece. Dan Harding explains why he is paid to surf Facebook and Stan Fetting challenges the ‘you bring them, we’ll save them’ approach to evangelism. (more…)

2,367,526 Reasons Why Church Growth is Holding Up Church Growth

Imagine a church of about 50 believers. Not too hard for many of us. A church that keeps the main thing the main thing, prayerfully seeks the lost, and sees about 4 baptisms in an average year. It’s nothing too amazing to imagine, is it? A church like that gradually grows. Sure, some people die, some people transfer out. But some are born, others transfer in. Let’s assume they cancel each other out for now.

Let’s imagine two different ways forward for such a church: (more…)

Facebook Pastors III – part 1

In this third series I speak to Mark Broadbent and Dan Harding, both pastors in the City Life Christian Church campuses in Brisbane.  Facebook is the central communication tool of the church and both Dan and Mark use it extensively as a missional tool.  They have some very interesting perspectives on how to use social media strategically. (more…)

Are Baptists Waking Up To Church Planting Again?

At last week’s Crossover Taskforce church planting was discussed in detail.  Crossover is keen to take its role as a ‘missional provocateur’ seriously and to ramp up advocacy for church planting across our movement.  In this statement our National Director Brian Winslade suggests that for the past few decades church planting has been in decline but that something is now “cooking” in our movement.  Do you agree?  Have a listen and have your through the comment section below. (more…)

Parenthood – discovering the journey as it unfolds

Crossover is happy to announce the release of a new resource entitled Parenthood – discover the journey as it unfolds.  It is a resource aimed to help churches that have groups and events for children and their parents. (more…)

Free, easy website software for your church

Getting your church and related groups onto the internet with a great looking, well functioning site is easy nowadays without having to spend thousands of dollars on a site that is made for you by professionals that you can’t update yourself. Open Source Content (free stuff!) has come a long way, and so has the many free platforms that you can use to build sites. Crossover uses WordPress, which is one of the most popular, and the easiest in our humble opinion. Here’s an excellent list with summaries of 33 options for you to look at.