Church Planting In Urban Growth Corridors

You never know how your future will pan out when you place yourself in God’s hands. Andrew Adams was once a young up and coming bank manager.  He now leads a church plant in an urban growth corridor north of Melbourne in the town of Wallan. We caught up with him to hear how he made the switch from banking to church planting and what’s involved in planting churches in an urban growth corridor. (more…)

Getting Smart About Church Planting

Crossover is sponsoring an important gathering in Sydney of some of our brightest minds in the field of church planting across our church movement. The gathering on March 8-9 will see representatives from all our States meeting to add more fuel to the growing fire of church planting which is growing in importance within our churches.  The imperative of church growth through new plants and new expressions of church is being embraced by Australian Baptist churches with great enthusiasm which is leading to exciting new church developments. (more…)