PRAC Magazine – The Evangelists Edition

The latest PRAC Magazine edition focuses on the ministry of the evangelist and the place of the evangelist in local Baptist churches. What happens when you wake up one day to realise that the whole purpose of entering into ministry has changed without you realising it? How do you relate to the Gospel to street sub culture? What happens when you build a sports centre instead of a church? What is a 3rd place ministry and what happens in them? How do you engage people who are not even used to talking let alone talking about spirituality? (more…)

Crossover Easter Offering 2014

Easter-Offering-thumbnail300pxThis years Crossover Easter Offering video features people from across our movement of churches engaged in various forms of evangelistic ministry – who have all been invested in thanks to the generosity of people and churches in the annual Easter Offering. These people represent a sample of the tangible outcomes of how Crossover invests funds donated each year.




Dennis Pethers Evangelism Tour Dates 2013

Dennis PethersAfter a successful tour of Australia sponsored by Crossover and Lifeway Publishers in 2010, Crossover is pleased to announce a 2013 tour.  Dennis will be conducting a range of meetings with church leaders and churches in WA, VIC, TAS, NSW and QLD. In addition Dennis is our guest speaker at our first Emerging Evangelists Conference in Melbourne on 5-6 August. (more…)

Missional Conversation

Good ministry practitioners are in constant conversation about ministry strategy and principles, and in particular, about how to get the Good News of the Gospel across to the people we connect with. One particular conversation that has been going for over a decade now is the missional conversation. Crossover has developed a DVD resource designed to help churches, in particular leadership and ministry teams, to ask and discuss the hard questions about their mission strategy in a post-God generation. (more…)

You can’t beat passion and principle

This is an amazing video about a man who since childhood has had a fascination with water and bubbles – carbonated water. He regards his work as ‘play’ and now he runs his very own carbonated water empire. As you watch this compare the knowledge, passion and enthusiasm you have for your work and be inspired! There are also some very important principles that come out of this that challenge the way in which our world is dominated by large corporations that limit choice. What do you learn from this? (more…)

Facebook Pastor – Series 2

In this second edition of Facebook Pastor we talk to Wayne Field, pastor of Australind Baptist Church in Western Australia. Wayne is an active user of Facebook as well as a busy blogger who interacts regularly online.  Wayne has some very clear strategies behind how he uses Facebook, especially from a missional point of view. (more…)

Lifewell – Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit

As Christians, we believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is relevant today and is so in every age. We know Jesus is the answer to our world’s hopelessness and yet, too often, church is not the place people turn to in times of deep need.  How do we turn this around? How does a church change the perception of its local community to be seen as a place of healing and hope rather than ‘an island of irrelevance in a sea of despair’?  (more…)