The Church Planter – What Does This Elusive Animal Look Like?

My experience is that we talk a lot about church planting and most of the time we tend to focus on such areas as the needs, strategies, style, demographics, personnel etc. A concern that I have long held is that of how we identify potential lead church planters so that we can guide, support, equip and mentor them.

From my experience church planters have come from all walks of life and a variety of experiences. So much so, that I am reluctant to try to define their characteristics for fear of stereotyping, which is not helpful or realistic and in some senses could open me up to being accused of denying the action of the Holy Spirit in the whole enterprise. However, be that as it may, I have taken the liberty of listing a few characteristics that I have noticed as being common in, for want of a better word, “successful” church planters. These are meant as discussion starters and not to be definitive. I fully recognise that there may be other characteristics that may be present in a lead church planter but the following are some to consider. (more…)