WA Baptists get new makeover

It’s not often that I have anything positive to say when it comes to Baptists and the web, and especially Baptists and logos.  However, I’ve always believed in credit where credit is due – and those cousins of ours over in the West have had a successful makeover resulting in a brand new logo and a new website.  And I think they’ve nailed it. (more…)

Natural Evangelism – Free Resource!

A substantial percentage of people in our churches feel consciously incompetent when it comes to personal evangelism.  This in some way explains the popularity of out-the-box solutions like Alpha and similar programs.  Its easier to push play on the DVD and allow some guru to do the work for you, you just get the people there right?  Steve Ingram developed a course called ‘Mateship Evangelism’ to help his congregation realise that it can happen simply through natural relationships. (more…)