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The Surprising Rebirth of Belief in God

Podcast and book by Justin Brierley

Overview: This fascinating documentary podcast tracks a ‘turning of the tide’ back towards openness to Christianity in Western culture. It tells the story of the demise of the ‘New Athiest Movement’ and the rise in its place of more and more public intellectuals exploring and affirming faith in Christ.

Format: 24 (at present count) episodes of 90-120 minutes. Also available as a book.

Presenter: Justin Brierley (UK). Justin has been hosting conversations between Christians and athiests for over 15 years, establishing a strong reputation for fairness and credibility. He is unashamed in declaring his own faith in Christ.

Podcast Cost: Free (with opportunities to support via donation)
Book Cost: $25-30 at Koorong or Amazon

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