Crossover Appeal - Email and Social Media Recommendations

Sharing Appeal via Email

We’ve linked a PDF letter you can send directly to your church from Crossover, or use as a template if your Pastor would like to address your church via email about giving to Crossover.

You may wish to post info on social media (closed groups) or email with our latest Spring Appeal video or one of the images linked below. We’d encourage you to also include the link clearly within your post/email so people can see the call to action clearly –  Tag us @Crossover ( – you should see our logo to make sure you’re tagging the right Crossover!)

If your church is also choosing to take up an offering within the church service, please promote in advance so people can come prepared!

The video direct link is

Sharing Appeal via Social Media (closed groups)

Suggestion # 1
Crossover is a national Baptist ministry that supports outreach and evangelism through encouragement, training and resources. Entirely funded by people who agree this vital. Let’s help Crossover help Australian Baptists Share Jesus! To donate now hit

Suggestion # 2
This month we’re getting behind Crossover – a national Baptist ministry that supports outreach and evangelism. It’s motto is Helping Australian Baptists Share Jesus.

Crossover supports outreach and evangelism by providing:
Encouragement – Because sharing the great news of God’s kingdom should be as important to the church as it is to Jesus
Training – To reach out with Christlikeness – love, gentleness and respect, not manipulation or fearmongering
Resources – Not all of us have creative and innovative ways and words for reaching out, but some do! Crossover puts their tools in our hands.

Crossover has a small and dynamic team led by new Director Rev Andrew Turner. To check out PRAC magazine, the Sacred Agents blog and all their resources – and donate – hit