Renewing Our Passion For Evangelism – Crossover’s Transformation

crossover-logo-mustardFor the last 3 decades, Crossover has been a catalyst and resource support to Australian Baptist churches. In 2015 you will notice a new look arising out of our mission.

The new visual identity seeks to give expression to God’s workings among us in three ways:

Our story: The Baptist story in Australia and overseas for creative witness in many contexts is a rich one. We walk in that tradition and trace our inspiration to witness with creativity back to the early church, the way of Jesus and the ways of our Creator demonstrated in the Scriptures.

Positive Progress: We have seen real progress across Australia in fostering evangelism that takes specific context seriously. As a result of Baptists witnessing creatively the Baptist movement is growing.

So Much More: As Australian Baptists we have always been a risk-taking movement. We innovate in sharing Jesus – we dream dreams of what could be as whole communities understand the gospel of grace and have the opportunity to respond. We believe God is calling us to reach even higher in helping missional and creative witness.

Moving forward Crossover wants to continue the strong bonds it has with churches across our movement and reach out to those who don’t know too much about us. When we collaborate and share resources as a movement we are more potent in our evangelism and mission.