The NCLS has plotted the Australian Baptist movement over many years. Over the last decade the survey has highlighted the increased involvement of local churches in their local communities as they have purposed to be more missional.  However over the same period the survey has also highlighted that our engagement in sharing the good news of Jesus has decreased. Over the past year Crossover, in partnership with the state Baptist associations, has sponsored Refocus events in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.  The aim of the seminars grew out of the conviction that as local Baptist churches we need to continue our commitment to the Gospel as deed but the challenge we must embrace is the need to rediscover our commitment to the Gospel as word.

The keynote presenters were Karl Faase and Dan Paterson.

Karl has recently resigned from his position as Senior Pastor at Gymea Baptist Church, where he served for over 20 years, to devote more time to his media work through Olive Tree Media.  Olive Tree Media’s recents productions include Towards Belief and Jesus: The Game Changer.

Dan is a pastor at Ashgrove Baptist and a part-time lecturer at Malyon College. Dan has completed bachelors and masters degrees in ministry and theology, and RZIM’s one-year course at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, UK.

Malyon College has made the talk recordings from the QLD Refocus Brisbane event available to listen online for free.

The seminar talks recorded are:

  • Revitalising the Local Church by Karl Faase
  • Gospel Leaders by Dan Paterson
  • What Do People Think of God and Us? by Karl Faase
  • Authentic Apologetics by Dan Paterson
  • How to Host an Evangelistic Event by Karl Faase, Dan Paterson, and Keith Jobberns
  • SEEK Talk: The Anatomy of Faith + SMS Q&A with Dan & Karl

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