When?  TONIGHT 2nd September    WA 6.00pm  SA/NT 7.30pm  East 8.00pm

Where? Around your table. The quiz will happen over Zoom, so you’ll need a laptop (or other Zoom-able device) positioned so your team can see and hear and be seen. 

Teams Details? Each team will represent a Baptist church (member church of one of our state associations). A church can have more than one team entered (and score the average of their teams’ scores). Teams can be as small as two, or as large as you like. Questions won’t be too churchy, non-church friends welcome.

State Rivalry? Oh absolutely yes. There’ll be a leaderboard of churches and a leaderboard of state associations. State scores will be the average scores of the churches plus a small participation bonus based on the proportion of your association’s churches that join in. 

Cost? This will be a fundraiser for Crossover, with low pressure. No need to pay anything up front, but on the night there’ll be a suggested donation of $10/person and a way to do this online. (Oh, and that $10 amount may go up or down a little on the night due to certain factors – but it will remain ‘suggested’ so don’t let finances be a barrier.)

What to Do Now

  • Download the Information Sheet using the button below.
  • Download the Table Sheet using the other button below. If you can, print it out and have at your table. Otherwise keep it handy on your device.
  • Get your team together and when it’s time, hit the GO TO QUIZ button!