PRAC Summer Edition #62

The Summer Edition (#62) of PRAC is hitting the streets. In this edition of PRAC there are two dominant and overlapping themes. One is Christmas and the opportunity we have to claim it back as a Christian festival and a platform for the presentation of the gospel. The other theme is around doing things as a church for the enjoyment of our local community. There is such a thing as “presence evangelism” whereby a Christian community seeks to represent itself before its neighborhood in a positive light. It’s a subtle and less overt form of evangelism, but helpful in altering people’s perception of the church. Those who drive past our churches have many perceptions of what goes on inside them (if they notice us at all!) and often imagination fills in the blanks. By contrast, when churches do things for the good or pleasure of their wider community negative paradigms are broken down. Churches have moved beyond a “bums on seats” approach to evaluating their effectiveness and, when it comes to planning for healthy and highly missional churches, Australians have a gift that the church worldwide is envious of.  Read it online here or download it to share here.