PRAC Magazine – The Evangelists Edition

The latest PRAC Magazine edition focuses on the ministry of the evangelist and the place of the evangelist in local Baptist churches. What happens when you wake up one day to realise that the whole purpose of entering into ministry has changed without you realising it? How do you relate to the Gospel to street sub culture? What happens when you build a sports centre instead of a church? What is a 3rd place ministry and what happens in them? How do you engage people who are not even used to talking let alone talking about spirituality?To address those questions in this issue of PRAC Magazine we have article contributions from some of the attendees to the Inaugural Emerging Evangelists Conference:
Pastor Scot Berry takes us through rediscovering the gift of evangelism,
J.J. Routley gives us an inside view of the missional world of a street artist,
Anthony Palmieri gives an insight into a church that is a sports centre and uses sport as a bridge for the Gospel, and we review a pre-evangelistic resource called Table Talk.

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