PRAC Magazine Autumn Edition


This first edition of PRAC for 2015 complements the topic of refreshing as it focuses on the revitalisation of the local church.

We have invited some experienced and innovative church leaders to share with us from the research they have undertaken and lessons they have learned in revitalising churches. They reflect on how long established churches can maintain, and regain, the reality of being a living presence of Christ within their communities.

 Darren Cronshaw, Ruth Powell, Nicole Hancock, Sam Sterland and Stacey Wilson contribute a significant research article on churches who share their faith. The article consists of excerpts from A Case Study Survey of the Baptist Union of Victoria. We would encourage you to download the full case study at

Ian Duncum provides a suggested approach to revitalizing the missional heart and outreach strategy for a local church. This is the result of his own local church pastoral experience and subsequent research and reflection.

Darren Cronshaw with Andrew Turner’s cooperation narrates the experience of four local Baptist churches in Adelaide that have embarked on the revitalisation journey to find relevant ways to reconnect with their communities and share Jesus. You will see a link to the full report at the end of Darren’s contribution.

Then as an added bonus, Stephen Baxter, Senior Pastor of Hobart Baptist Church and a member of the Missional Leadership Team for Tasmanian Baptists and the Crossover Taskforce, takes a look at Andrew Turner’s, new book “Fruitful Church”.

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PRAC Autumn Edition 2015