Inspiring new ministries: Path Light Radio

In 2015 my wife and I attended the Emerging Evangelists conference in Melbourne hosted by Crossover. At the conference we learned that in a recent Australian survey only 7% of 18 – 35yr olds who attended church in high school continued attending church after finishing school.

We are all faced with some of life’s biggest decisions between the ages of 18-35 like:
Where will I live?
Should I go to University?
Should I take time off to travel the world?
What career do I want?
Who should I marry?

Out of this reflection, God gave me a vision for a ministry to create a non-denominational Christian Digital Radio Station that plays full strength Christian content 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  This radio station will seek to reach 18-35year olds but also will be a useful resource for all Christians wanting to grow in the Lord.  We also hope to share the word of God with listeners who have never heard the gospel.

God showed me that through cutting edge sermons, entertaining talk shows and playing a variety of good Christian Music we could reach many people.

The name God gave my wife for this ministry was “Path Light Radio” and the idea is that our ministry will be “Lighting a path for restoration, in a broken world”.

Our vision is to:
“Share the good news of Jesus to the social media generation using Digital Technology”.

We are really thankful to our church, Hawkesbury Valley Baptist Church, NSW, for their support, help and encouragement. Pastor Phil Evans, Pastor Michael Pope and the whole congregation have been incredibly supportive through prayer and valuable resources. Without them, we wouldn’t be ready to launch.

Path Light Radio Australia is launching on Monday 12th of February 2018 @ 9am.

Path Light Radio Australia can be accessed through a free app available on the Android & IOS App Stores.

David Daniels – Station Manager