Parenthood – discovering the journey as it unfolds

Crossover is happy to announce the release of a new resource entitled Parenthood – discover the journey as it unfolds.  It is a resource aimed to help churches that have groups and events for children and their parents.

This particular resource has been prepared with a specific audience in mind. One of the more effective ways churches are penetrating their local communities and forging relational contacts with non-churched people is through events for young parents. Groups like “Playtime” or “mainly music” or “MOPS” or “Toddler Jam” are remarkably effective and a relatively easy way of connecting with people who otherise might not darken the doorstep of a local church. The wonder of a new born child and the joy of watching little ones grow is often a cause for new parents to think through their life values. Parenting is a foreboding assignment and there is a hunger for good resources that help, and a caring community with which to share the journey is attractive.

The enclosed sample tract is aimed at just this kind of audience and invites new or young parents to ponder more the mysteries of life and the source of hope that God brings to those who seek Him. It is deliberately generic in format and aims at not being too “preachy,” while at the same time inviting people to explore a relationship with Jesus. Special thanks to the “Playtime” team at BUNSW who have partnered with Crossover in the preparation of this resource.

Have a read through for yourself. Our hope is that churches like yours might like to keep a bundle of these as an available resource for young parents who attend child or new-parent-friendly community ministries. Maybe they could be used as a resource sent to new parents on the fringes of our church community. You’ll be able to think of other contexts where they might be of use.

View the Crossover Parent Resource

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