Offering Pack


Thank You For Your Investment In Evangelism & Mission

Crossover has partnered with Baptist Churches around Australia at Easter time for over 30 years now. Crossover is Australian Baptist Ministries’ agent for helping pastors equip people in the local Baptist church to creatively share the good news of Jesus, as they demonstrate Christ’s love in community.

Your State Leaders value the contribution Crossover makes as a catalyst and resource developer in evangelism, church planting and church revitalisation. In 2020 they have made a video for you to share with your congregation about the Easter Offering for Crossover:

As the Easter Offering is Crossover’s only source of funding, it is vital to us as a movement to facilitate and support church leaders to equip congregations for mission.

We recognise that there are many demands on church finances these days, especially given the Coronavirus pandemic. We really appreciate the opportunity to partner with you as we seek to resource the body of Christ for effective mission.

Many churches take up the offering in the lead up to Easter, others over the Easter weekend. Due to churches not meeting participating in the 2020 Offering for individuals is through our secure online giving portal.

Share The Gospel Through Story

We encourage you to share this video resource produced with Karl Faase and Olive Tree Media. It tells the compelling story of Australia’s first-ever World Sporting Champion who went from success to failure before an encounter with Christ that changed his life.

Here’s a special message from Karl Faase to help you understand the value of your investment in evangelism and mission through the Crossover Offering.