New Crossover Resources for 2011

This week a number of Crossover’s Task Force members were captured on CCTV acting suspiciously in a downtown Melbourne lane-way. Led by a pastor from South Australia the suspicious group were seen to be checking downpipes and crevices in what seemed like a frantic search.  Worried members of the public looked on from a distance as the the group continued their unexplained activities unaware of the public consternation they were causing.The group weren’t actually getting up to anything bad, they were using a 20 minute break in sessions to locate a ‘geocache’ in the lane opposite the hotel where the Task Force meetings were being held.  More of that later.

Crossover’s transformation into a much more expanded range of resources and resourcing activities was underlined at this weeks Task Force meeting in Melbourne.  Representatives from around Australia gathered to review our activities in 2010 and engage in strategic planning for 2011 and beyond.

Here are the highlights of things to look forward to in 2011:

Digital Resources:

The Power of Testimony

In conjunction with Lifeway Resources we will tour the country with Dennis Pethers from Vis A Vis in the UK promoting the More To Life resource that is built around sharing the Gospel through stories (including our own).

The More to Life approach “de-codes” Christianity by helping people relate to Scripture through the remarkable, true stories found in the Bible. This approach describes salvation as the ultimate way to add “more to life.” It communicates what salvation is like through the stories of people who were “far from God,” as Dennis and his ministry define being spiritually lost. The people who were far from God explain what happened when they heard “God’s story,” the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Easter Resources

Next year Easter backs up to Anzac Day, which provides us with an opportunity to explore the theme of ‘laying down your life for others’ and pointing people back to the Cross. We would also like to feature the original story of the first Anzac Day dawn service conducted by Reverend Arthur Ernest White on Anzac Day 1923.

As the sun was rising, a man in a small dinghy cast a wreath into King George Sound while White, with a band of about 20 men gathered around him on the summit of nearby Mount Clarence, silently watched the wreath floating out to sea. He then quietly recited the words: “As the sun rises and goeth down, we will remember them”. All present were deeply moved and news of the Ceremony soon spread throughout the country; and the various Returned Service Communities Australia wide emulated the Ceremony.

Anzac Day is a fantastic opportunity to join with the rest of Australia in commemorating this occasion and for ensuring that the Gospel story is central to proceedings.  Work will start soon on planning resources.

Do you have any Easter ideas?  We’d love to hear from you.  Our door is wide open for you to suggest ideas or resources.

Church Planting

In March Crossover will sponsor a Church Planting symposium in Sydney featuring representatives from our denomination around Australia.  We will get an accurate picture of what is happening, and what needs to happen across our land to help fan the flames of church planting.  Whilst on the ground logistics to do with church planting remain the responsibility of respective State Unions Crossover seeks to act in the role of encouraging church planting and engaging our denomination in taking this issue as a top priority.

Reaching Men

We are currently planning opportunities for churches in cities and regional areas to come together to consider the unique challenge of reaching men.

Crossover Roadshows

We are exploring the most relevant missional issues to address in a series of ‘roadshows’ around the country where we enable the local church to dialogue, plan, learn and collaborate on a range of missional issues, including using the web and social media to our advantage.

National Church Life Survey

Crossover will be heavily investing in the 2011 National Church Life Survey, encouraging churches to participate (and helping those who can’t afford) so that we can gather accurate data about our churches and the communities they live in.  We will also seek to help churches get the most out of their reports especially with regards to missional activities and church planting.

Baptism Resources

We are currently considering a proposal to develop a Baptism resource for Baptist churches.  This would consist of a DVD (and YouTube versions) explaining the meaning and significance of Baptism, including footage of baptisms and interviews with people who have been baptised.  This resource is aimed at soon-to-be and new believers to help them understand the concept of baptism and to be challenged to take this step of obedience.

Gloomy skies outside contrasted with plans inside for a bright future!


Here’s what geocaching looks like in action.  Google it to find out more!