Missional Conversation

Good ministry practitioners are in constant conversation about ministry strategy and principles, and in particular, about how to get the Good News of the Gospel across to the people we connect with. One particular conversation that has been going for over a decade now is the missional conversation. Crossover has developed a DVD resource designed to help churches, in particular leadership and ministry teams, to ask and discuss the hard questions about their mission strategy in a post-God generation.

Crossover assembled a panel of key leaders and thinkers to discuss some key missional issues facing churches. Our panel consists of Mike Frost – Author and Director of the Tinsley Institute, Dale Stephenson – Senior Pastor of Crossway Baptist Church, Jenny Allen – Dean of Students at Newcastle University and Missional Pastor at Mayfield Baptist Church, and Mark Wilson – Director of Ministries with Baptist Churches of WA.

Our panel represents a range of different ministry contexts within our movement of churches and each participant does not necessarily agree with each other. A healthy conversation took place during filming and we trust that this will be reflected in your own church. We posed the following questions to our panel:

1. Have We Made Progress?

The call for the church to become more missionaly focused is over 10 years old now, have we made any progress?

2. Revolution or Evolution?

Some have called for the church as we know it to be totally re-imagined. But are we seeing an evolution instead of a revolution?

3. Balancing Attraction and Incarnation.

How do churches manage the missional balancing act or does it exist at all?

4. What Should Evangelism Look Like Today?

Have we moved beyond tracts and evangelistic rallies? In an era of ‘friendship evangelism’ have we lost the ability to explain the Gospel and call for a response?

5. What Are Churches Doing Well?

There’s plenty of critique about the church around, but what about the good news of what is happening in churches?

6. Ethnic Churches or Multi-Cultural Churches.

Some of our biggest growth is in new ethnic churches. Are we being lazy and missing out on the benefit of a multi-cultural church?

7. The Baptist Church of the Future.

What should the Baptist church of the future look like?

This resource can be used in a number of ways:

• It’s ideal for a leadership retreat where you have time to cover all or most of the questions.

• Discuss one question at each of your leaders’ meetings.

• Gather your church leadership and ministry leaders to conduct breakout group discussions at a retreat day, and feed back responses.

• Send the online link to leaders ahead of a meeting so that they can watch and formulate their own responses on any one particular issue, or all of them.

It’s important that there is a conversation about these issues, and hopefully agreement on the mission strategy of your church, and the degree to which is forms part of the central DNA of the church and its decision making.

 Missional Conversation Discussion Guide.

Click on the image to download a .pdf version of the Discussion Guide included with the DVD.

Missional Conversation Videos

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Missional Conversation #1. Have We Made Progress? from Crossover Australia on Vimeo.


Missional Conversation #2: Revolution or Evolution? from Crossover Australia on Vimeo.


Missional Conversation #3: Balancing Attraction and Incarnation. from Crossover Australia on Vimeo.


Missional Conversation #4. What Should Evangelism Look Like Today? from Crossover Australia on Vimeo.


Missional Conversation #5 What Are Churches Doing Well? from Crossover Australia on Vimeo.


Missional Conversation #6: Ethnic Churches or Multi-Cultural Churches from Crossover Australia on Vimeo.


Missional Conversation #7: The Baptist Church of the Future from Crossover Australia on Vimeo.