Jesus the Game Changer: to the ends of the earth

The spiritual landscape of the 21st Century is changing. Mainstream and social media is presenting a new narrative, and it is one that has erased a central figure that made Australia and many other Western nations what they are, and that person is Jesus.

The loss of the game-changing life and message of Jesus compelled Karl Faase and the team at Olive Tree Media to tell a new story (or, re-tell a very old story). A few years ago, Olive Tree Media produced a series called Jesus the Game Changer. This popular series explained how so much of what we take for granted in the Western world – equality, health, education, rights for children and much more – came about as a result of the countercultural teaching of Jesus Christ.

The series has been viewed thousands of times by individuals, small groups and churches, and earlier this year aired internationally on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). TBN has entered into a partnership with Olive Tree Media, and after seeing the quality of, and positive reaction to, Season 1, they asked the Olive Tree team to produce Season 2.

Now, after many months of hard work, Jesus the Game Changer Season 2 is available, with the theme To the Ends of the Earth.

This series in some ways picks up where the first left off, by digging deep into how the Christian faith spread around the world, from the backwaters of the Roman Empire to the ends of the earth. The series traces how Jesus has and is continuing to impact diverse cultures and change the lives of millions.

This is not just another church history documentary. Jesus the Game Changer: To the Ends of the Earth unveils the inspiring, sometimes forgotten or rarely told stories of game changers of the faith, weaving their stories together to demonstrate the immense power of God.

The series provides snapshots of times and places where the gospel has had a tremendous impact – pieces of a whole that is too enormous to tell in one series. It shows when, where and how we see the hand of God bringing the message of Jesus to the ends of the earth, all told through interviews with authors, historians and academics from around the world.

You’ll be treated to the depths of knowledge of Mark Noll, Dana Robert, Ed Stetzer, Lynn Cohick, Eric Metaxas and many more. More than 50 interviews were conducted by Karl Faase over the course of Season Two.

The series is also visually stunning. The team filmed on location in Japan, Ethiopia, the USA, Ireland and countless other locations, and the series highlights the beauty of God’s creation as the backdrop to the marvellous stories being told.

The interviewees are engaging and inspiring, as they retell their own stories, and the stories of other faithful followers of Jesus who have taken up the call to spread God’s word, despite difficulty, challenge, opposition and even death.

You will meet Takashi, a Japanese man who was willing to take his family, including two small children, into a remote part of the Philippines to learn their language and translate the Bible.

You will meet a man called to the mission field of another country who was obedient to the call, even at the age of 40. Mark Noll says that Boniface changed the course of European history more than any other man.

Eric Metaxas would beg to differ on that assessment. He believes Martin Luther is the most influential man in European history, apart from Jesus. He tells of a humble, brilliant, funny man who didn’t intend on changing the world, but who has transformed the way many Christians understand the fundamental doctrine of grace.

You will meet Hassan John, a pastor currently serving one of the most difficult places in the world – Jos, Nigeria. His role is to encourage and serve the church there, despite many not having homes and churches, helping them come to grips with the question of where God is in this situation.

You will meet two victims of childhood human trafficking who overcame their difficulties and pursued their calling from God. One was Saint Patrick, who started a movement that spread throughout Ireland, into Scotland and England, and moved across into pagan Europe. The other is Samuel AJ Crowther, who was rescued twice from slavery, educated in England, then returned to his country of Africa with the Gospel.

You will meet Eddie, who, together with his wife and after much resistance, answered the call to go to the Ivory Coast in Africa. They were the answer to one man’s faithful prayers for 30 years for someone to come and translate the Bible into his language.

In the episodes you will see just a glimpse of these stories, but over the coming months, Olive Tree Media plans to release even more content for you to enjoy via a new podcast and extended video interviews.

Throughout the series, there are many challenges for viewers, to stand up and share the message of the gospel, whether that be across the table, across the road, or across the world.

In fact, churches are invited to use the series to encourage their congregations to be bold and courageous and take the gospel to the ends of the earth as part of the Jesus the Game Changer Church Campaign. Churches who wish to get involved will be provided with episodes, sermon notes, short clips, a children’s program, graphics, training and more to help them best utilise the series to inspire a new generation of evangelists and missionaries.

As the great great-grandson of Hudson Taylor says, “how are we going to be faithful in our generation in sharing the message of Jesus to the ends of the earth?”

The next time you are standing at the school gate, having a conversation with a work colleague or having dinner with friends, when they regale the bad stories of the church, rather than feeling like you want to crawl back into your shell, we hope Jesus the Game Changer Season Two will equip you with a new narrative – that, yes, bad things have been done in the name of Jesus, but over the course of a 2000 year movement many more great things have happened and these stories must be told.

Jesus the Game Changer: To the Ends of the Earth is available for DVD purchase at You can also buy Bible study guides to assist in using the series in your church or small group, or sign up to the church campaign at jesusthegamechangercom/campaign.

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