Is evangelism at the centre of your Church vision?

Mark Mittelberg maintains that evangelism is “one of the highest values in the church and one of the least practiced”. He writes, “The irony is that while many of us are in churches and denominations that have a rich heritage and strong reputation for evangelism, in many cases, precious little is actually happening. Let’s be honest: in most ministries very few lost people are being reached for Christ.”

Crossover is pleased to release issue 68 of PRAC Magazine. This edition we have invited some hardworking practitioners to share their insights into engaging with our communities so that more people might experience the transformation that Jesus offers.

Tim Lynn, radio announcer in Newcastle, provides some insider secrets to engaging audiences – and keeping them engaged!

Steve Fogg, Communications Pastor at Crossway Baptist in Melbourne, provides ten ways to better shape our communication interface with our communities

Warren Crank, Senior Pastor at Northreach in Townsville, reflecting on his experience as a NRL chaplain provides some key insights into conversations outside the walls of the church building.

Karl Faase, Senior Pastor at Gymea Baptist in Sydney, provides the lead article on how to create effective evangelism and mission in the local church by highlighting three things to resist and three things to embrace.

We also review Mike Frost’s new book “Incarnate: the body of Christ in an age of disengagement.”

PRAC Magazine is sent out to every Australian Baptist Church. You should receive it by early December, if you haven’t already! Don’t hesitate to let us know if it doesn’t reach you.

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