Heaven Can’t Wait – Review

Heaven Can’t Wait by Nick and Yvette Wynne is a short and easy to read booklet exploring the journey of life with all the questions it raises. It is presented as a small glossy exposé with ten easy to read chapters in which Nick and Yvette each share significant experiences from their journey into faith in God. These reflections are very honest as they dive into the struggles, doubts and fears that coloured this personal, and at times painful, journey.

Ultimately, declare Nick and Yvette, ‘among all life’s twists and turns, moments will materialize that force us into deep questions.’ These questions are in response to the randomness or order of life, issues of pain and suffering, and big questions as we face the finality of death and our mortality.

In all this is an invitation to acknowledge the reality of God, even if unseen, as part of a spiritual realm that we can enter into. This heaven is in wait for our call as we move beyond the temporal and into new life as part of God’s kingdom.

I particularly enjoyed that observations from both Nick and Yvette that allowed them to move past the veil of science and nature to explore the spiritual things of life. In this they capture the essence of what it means to see God at work in the ordinary, and to develop trust as we acknowledge His presence in our lives. The beautiful black and white full page photography scattered throughout the book helps to provide a sense of the sacred in the normalness of life.

This book would be good to have available for those who are seeking or exploring faith, particularly amongst difficult circumstances. Nick and Yvette both lay bare some of their struggles both personally and as a married couple. The stories they share are stories that couples and families can relate to as they are shared in response to the pressures of work and the pressures of married life.

I’m encouraging the leaders of Playtime, Mainly Music and Kids Club at our Church to read Heaven Can’t Wait to consider how it might be helpful for the parents they are serving through their ministry. In a society that looks to many options to help us flourish, here is a book that points us back to God as the true giver of life.

Nick and Yvette have set up a website https://isgodreal.com.au/ and links to their blogs to provide further support and inspiration.

The book is available for purchase https://isgodreal.com.au/shop/ as a book or e-book or through Koorong for $5.99


Book Review by Brendan WoodBrendan has joined the team at Thornleigh Community Baptist Church, NSW, this year in the role as Associate Pastor – Families. He is married to Kylie and together they have three daughters Rachel, Tamara and Jasmine.

Brendan has served in a variety of pastoral and para-church ministry roles since 1997. These have included Baptist World Aid Australia, HopeStreet Urban Compassion, and BaptistCare NSW & ACT.

He’s very passionate about Jesus and local mission, but over the warmer months you’ll also find Brendan fishing on the nearby Hawkesbury River.