Health Check for Churches

We all know that it takes effort and attention to maintain a vital and healthy marriage relationship. An important part of that process is having regular relationship ‘health checks’. In a similar way, it is good for churches to have regular health checks to maintain wellbeing and effectiveness. One such tool for evaluating how our churches are going is the National Church Life Survey (NCLS). Over the last 20 years NCLS research has tracked the core qualities of churches of various denominations across the country. This research has delivered significant insights into church health and vitality, as well as helping churches identify and focus on areas that might require attention.

Over the course of 2018 Queensland Baptists has looked at some of the core aspects of the 2016 NCLS Queensland Baptists responses, including various features of our Internal, Inspirational, and outward core qualities, and how Queensland Baptists churches are tracking in key areas of church life.

This has produced a six-part series of articles in QB Magazine throughout the year, with the final article for release in December.

Click here to download and read these articles as one PDF.

The articles look at the NCLS areas:

  • Inward Core Qualities and Belonging by Stewart Pieper
  • Leadership and Vision by Emil Rahimov
  • Outward Core Qualities and Service by Pieter Henning
  • Evangelism and Faith by Stephen Ball
  • Raising the Next Generation by Sally Contessi
  • sixth article coming soon…