Getting Smart About Church Planting

Crossover is sponsoring an important gathering in Sydney of some of our brightest minds in the field of church planting across our church movement. The gathering on March 8-9 will see representatives from all our States meeting to add more fuel to the growing fire of church planting which is growing in importance within our churches.  The imperative of church growth through new plants and new expressions of church is being embraced by Australian Baptist churches with great enthusiasm which is leading to exciting new church developments.

The Crossover National Baptist Church Planting Consultation (yes I know, we could have come up with a much shorter name) will see delegates from each State present papers outlining the state of church planting in their home State, as well as the tabling and discussion of a number of papers from delegates. Case studies from a range of church planting initiatives will be presented and discussed. The importance of church planting has been brought more to the fore in the Crossover Task Force by State representatives responsible for church planting and their collaboration has resulted in this gathering.  Crossover sees its role in  supporting the ministry of church planters through research and advocacy at the very least.

The Consultation will seek to learn from best practise from around the nation and world, and open eyes to the opportunities available in Australia.  Discussion and collaboration will also revolve around emerging trends, recruitment, training, supporting, resources and the role of digital resources to aid the expansion of churches into untouched areas.

Updates and the publishing of papers from the Consultation will start on Tuesday morning.