Evangelism Training Seminars in Newcastle

So when the opportunity arises, just how do you communicate what the Gospel is to people who don’t know, and what do you include? Crossover will be hoping to answer this question and lots more by conducting evangelism training seminars in Newcastle at the end of October. Getting The Message Across is an interactive seminar designed to help Christians gain confidence in getting across the message of the Gospel in a way that helps people understand both the meaning and the need to respond.

Digital Witness is an interactive seminar designed to help Christians see there online identity as part of their everyday witness and to think strategically about the use of social media as an important dimension of witness.

The details for Newcastle training seminars are:

1.  Getting The Message Across 

Date: Saturday 26 October

Time:  1:00pm-4:30pm

Venue:  Hamilton Baptist Church, 108 Lindsay Street, Newcastle


We start by looking at the typical modern context of explicit conversations about the meaning of the Gospel: long journeys towards faith that people take. Although the subject of the seminar revolves around explanations of the Gospel we recognise that this often happens only after many other stepping stones have been laid, such as trust.

We then explore and evaluate the traditional methods and resources that have been used to date, and some more recent developments on this front.

We also examine the typical journey people are on and how we can be more intentional about those journeys so that we can create opportunities to have more in depth discussions about faith in Christ and the implications for people.

We examine the power of personal story and look at some fresh perspectives on how Christians can talk about how they encounter God and the difference it has made in their lives.

The entire seminar is interactive in that at every stage we invite perspectives and stories from those present.

2.  Digital Witness 

Date:  Sunday 27 October

Time:  1:30pm-3:00pm

Venue:  Hamilton Baptist Church, 108 Lindsay Street, Newcastle

Contact:  Andrew Dodd 0411 048 780


We start of by looking at some outstanding examples from history of Christians who have used publishing platforms to spread the Gospel.  We then examine the modern phenomenon of the internet and especially the power of social media from this perspective.  Having set the context we look at the extent to which Christians see their online activity as a key part of their witness to the world or otherwise.  We look at strategic ways of using our online time and examine good and bad examples.

We then do an actual analysis of the metrics a social media account from the perspective of evaluating its reach and audience.

We finish by looking at some excellent resource sites that provide excellent viral content that we can utilize on our own social media and web accounts.

The speaker is Stan Fetting, and experienced evangelist and pastor who is the operations manager of Crossover.  To register click on the blue link in the right hand sidebar. Registration is free and enables us to cater accordingly.