Emerging Evangelists 2017

What does the church do with an evangelist? What is the role of an evangelist in the community and culture of 2017? These are some of the questions many churches wrestle with. We understand what to do with people who have pastoral gifts, and in fact most of the training of our pastors revolves around this one facet of local church ministry.

With this mind we gathered in Melbourne in late August with delegates from each state, for our annual Crossover Emerging Evangelists Conference. This conference is designed to encourage people from within our churches from all States across Australia who have been identified by their own local church leaders as having an evangelistic calling and gifting.

Our keynote speaker Karl Faase shared with us about the recent research by McCrindle and Olive Tree Media into Faith and Belief in Australia today, and what that means for how we live out our faith through evangelism and mission. With Karl, this was considered for the church, and for our evangelists individually.

We were encouraged as many of our delegates shared about their journeys with God, how they came to know Jesus, and how they are living out and speaking about their faith to those that don’t know him. We heard about indigenous ministries, youth and university student outreach, sports outreach, church pastors seeking how to mobilise their church in their local community. It was super encouraging to hear about different ways Aussie Baptists are sharing in their local context!

Crossover Taskforce members also shared about effective and targeted online content and platforms to connect locally, approaches to chaplaincy and what it could look like to just be an evangelist every day – where-ever God has placed you.

Mike, from SA, reflected afterward that he really appreciated, “Being able to connect with people in other states. Having young and senior people at conference. Lots of helpful input from Karl and others, (really helpful for the Aussie context and practical take aways)”.

Liam’s (TAS) take home was, “the drive of preaching the gospel not just to those that know it but also creating meaningful and powerful tools for evangelism for members of the church to engage with.”

Mary, from SA, said she’s taking home “Resources that equip the everyday person to answer people’s questions about Christianity.”

Thank you to those who supported the Crossover Easter Offering, because your donations made it possible for us to bring Mike, Liam, Mary and others together for the Emerging Evangelists Conference! Please join us in praying for all 21 delegates who attended. Pray that God will guide them in practical ways they can use their evangelist gifting to encourage and equip others in their church – as well as to spread the good news of Jesus in their context.

The purpose of the Emerging Evangelists Conference is to affirm, invest in and equip emerging evangelists in each State who could benefit from getting together with other experienced evangelists who can offer mentoring and essential experience. The vision of the conference is to raise up a new generation of evangelists, people who will make a difference in their local church as well as the wider region. This conference is an opportunity for emerging evangelists to be sown into and empowered into Kingdom ministry.

The conference is an invitation-only event.  It comprises the Crossover National Taskforce plus up to 25 participants drawn from each state, approximately in line with each state’s population.

Emerging Evangelists Conference 2018 will be run in Sydney in April! If you would like to nominate someone from your church to attend, please contact your Crossover State Rep to let them know who and why.

State Reps:
NSW & ACT: Belinda Lakelin – [email protected]
QLD: Colin Stoodley – [email protected]
SA & NT: Andrew Turner – [email protected]
TAS: Maddy Svoboda – [email protected]
VIC: Anne Wilkinson-Hayes – [email protected]
WA: Mike Bullard – [email protected]