Emerging Evangelist Conference 2015

Raising A New Generation Of Evangelists 

This week Crossover will hold its 3rd annual Emerging Evangelists Conference in Melbourne. Our State Taskforce members have been tasked with identifying candidates from around Australia. Our guest speaker is UK based global traveler and speaker Dennis Pethers from The Rooftop.

Topics this year include:
The Calling– understanding the nature of the call of the evangelist and the types of ministries it can lead to, and staying faithful to it.
Lone Ranger or Pied Piper – bringing your local congregation along for the ride.
Ashley Maddison Moments – Guarding against disqualification, self care, ethics and boundaries.
Shape shifting  – evangelism shaped by context.
Prayer & Spiritual Warfare – ministering in power with protection.
Digital Evangelist – the evangelist and social media.

During the conference we will be running regular social media updates on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In using #crossovereec