Emerge Evangelism Conference

The purpose of Crossover’s annual Emerge Evangelism Conference is to affirm, invest in and equip emerging evangelists in each State who could benefit from getting together with other experienced evangelists who can offer mentoring and essential experience. The vision of the conference is to raise up a new generation of evangelists, people who will make a difference in their local church as well as the wider region. This conference is an opportunity for emerging evangelists to be sown into and empowered into Kingdom ministry.

(Previously known as Emerging Evangelists Conference).

Who is it for?

Each of the participants are nominated and recognised by their church leaders as having a passion and gifting for evangelism. This recognition of gifting is crucial in encouraging people in our churches who have gifts of any kind.

Our movement of churches has a rich life filled with people who God has brought from all corners of the world. We are encouraged that increasingly the participants nominated reflect this rich diversity of our Baptist movement. We encourage you think of people to nominate from a spread of ages, ethnicity and gender and consider nominating those who serve in lay ministry positions, not only those serving in paid Pastoral roles or studying through bible college.

What did past participants think?

Steph reflected after the conference that, ‘I was grateful for the teaching sessions and also for the opportunities to process what we were learning in discussion with people from a variety of contexts. It helped me to clarify my understanding and to apply the material to my present situation as well as thinking how it could look in different applications as well.’

How is it run?

Crossover’s investment in helping empower emerging evangelists is made possible by funding from the annual Crossover Easter Offering. Please consider supporting more people to come and experience the encouragement and equipping that past cohorts were blessed with. You can donate via BFS here.

Emerge Evangelism Conference is an invitation only event. Attendance is sponsored by Crossover and the State Baptist Unions. Delegates are chosen by their State Crossover Rep from nominations made by their church/Pastor.  It comprises the Crossover National Taskforce plus up to 25 participants drawn from each state, approximately in line with each state’s population.

You can nominate someone by completing the form below, or contact your state rep. Please be aware nominating someone does not lock them into attending, it is just a recommendation. State Reps will extend an invitation including dates, location and other information to their chosen delegates who can then discern if they are able to attend.

State Reps:
NSW & ACT: Belinda Lakelin – [email protected]
QLD: Colin Stoodley – [email protected]
SA & NT: Andrew Turner – [email protected]
TAS: Maddy Svoboda – [email protected]
VIC: Gayle Hill – [email protected]
WA: Mike Bullard – [email protected]

EEC Recommendations

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