Easter Offering 2018 – Partnering together to help Australian Baptists share Jesus

Baptist Churches across Australia have been taking up a special offering at Easter, for over thirty years, for the work of evangelism, through the ministry of Crossover. Crossover is Australian Baptist Ministries’ agent for helping pastors equip people in the local Baptist church to creatively share the good news of Jesus, as they demonstrate Christ’s love in community. As this is Crossover’s only source of funding, it is vital to us as a movement to facilitate and support church leaders as you equip your congregations for mission.

Our role is to support evangelism, so we have also produced outreach tools for Easter including a video, sermon guide and postcard invitations. Click here to view out Easter Outreach resources.

We recognise that there are many demands on church finances these days, so we really appreciate the opportunity to partner with you as we seek to resource the body of Christ for effective mission.

In 2018 we have also produced a new Offering video. Watch this video below and download it to play in your church services or click the share icon to share it onto your church facebook page or website.

Steps to Download this video:
1. Click the word “vimeo” in the bottom right hard corner of the video above
2. This will open the video in our vimeo channel, look for the word “Download” underneath the video title in a square button icon.
3. Click “download” and choose what quality/video size you would like to download
4. Click “download” again.

If you would like a copy of this video posted to you on USB please contact us to request this before Monday 19th March (so it reaches you in time).

Churches will receive a Crossover Easter Offering pack including brochures, the Treasurer’s form, and Steps for helping you use both the Outreach Video and the Offering Video. These resources, as well as a bulletin flyer, and a Thank you message for your bulletin/website after Easter as available to download below.

Many churches take up the offering in the lead up to Easter, others over the Easter weekend. We have online giving facilities for both churches and individuals, so you can now forward the monies collected to us online if that’s easier than posting a cheque. Click the Support-Give tab to find out more.

Easter Offering Resources 2018 – All you need to participate

Easter Offering 2018 Thank you image/bulletin thank you.

To thank you church on behalf of Crossover, in the weeks following your collection of the Easter Offering.

Easter Offering 2018 Treasurer’s form

Easter Offering 2018 Brochure
(with bleed marks)

Easter Offering 2018 Brochure
(no bleed marks)


Easter Offering 2018 Bulletin Advert

We have created two images, each with a space for you to add the date and time your church is choosing to collect the offering. Some churches will choose to take up the Offering over the Easter weekend, others will do so in the week or two before Easter. Below are both image files and PDF files for each one so you can choose that best suits your bulletin format.

Bulletin Advert Option 1 – Image file

Bulletin Advert Option 1 – PDF File

Bulletin Advert Option 2 – Image File

Bulletin Advert Option 2 – PDF File

3 Steps to prepare for the Easter Offering


Easter Offering 2018 Video (as above)

Click here for vimeo link to Offering video – download instructions above or email [email protected] / call 02 9868 9236 to request a copy on USB via post.

Click here for 3 Steps to prepare for the Easter Offering 2018

Click here to see our Easter Outreach Resources for 2018 including an outreach video, corresponding sermon guide, and Easter postcard resources.