Digital Missionaries

I remember the days when before heading out onto the mission field candidates would undertake cross-cultural training.  I did so myself in a traditional missionary bible college.  A new breed of missionaries are preparing themselves to enter a global ministry, but only going as far as their study, the smartphone in their pocket or the tablet in their shoulder bag.  Every day over 2 million people search the Internet for answers to their spiritual questions – providing a digital mission field that needs workers to reap the harvest.  I met one recently.

Tony O’Hagan is a smart guy.  He is Senior Software Engineer in the transport industry.  He works for those people who design traffic flow systems, mess with him and you have a long ride home full of red lights.  Tony is taking his considerable skills in IT and Web into the missions world and is currently preparing to join Campus Crusade for Christ full time helping to support and grow the burgeoning work in internet missions.  Each day 300 000 people will visit one of Crusade’s 90+ web sites, 30 000 will indicate a spiritual decision of some kind and 7000 will request follow up.  You can watch it happening live here.

Crusade also offers Christians around the globe who can spare a few hours a week to get involved in internet missions. Find out more at Missionary From Home. This is an excellent ministry for spiritually mature believers in your church who have some time to spare and can at least use e-mail.

Find out more about Tony O’Hagan at his own website Internet Missions. Tony is available to come and speak at your church, home group, etc and has plenty of insight into the new era of missions.