Developing Missional Leaders

Norm Nix Scholarship 2015

The annual Norm Nix scholarship is given to assist an Australian Baptist Pastor or theological student in their development as a leader in evangelism, in their ministry context. The scholarship is named in recognition of the outstanding leadership and service of retired Crossover Director Rev. Norm Nix, in encouraging evangelism throughout Australia. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide or contribute to the funding of the recipient’s undertaking a research project or specific training course, to allow for their intentional development as a missional leader. In 2015 it is awarded to Scott Morrison from Victoria.

Scott and his wife Sarah are intentionally involved in evangelism and church planting ministry in Melbourne, and Scott is six months into the Arrow Leadership Program with the view to prepare and equip them for this ministry both in Australia, and in the long term overseas.

After seven years as Youth Pastor at Crossway Baptist Church, Melbourne, Scott left this role at the start of 2015 to invest fulltime in the disciple making and church planting ministry Praxeis, a ministry birthed out of Crossway. Scott describes the move “towards the end of my time at Crossway, God started to shift my heart towards the lost, mostly through an organization called Praxeis. Praxeis is all about seeing church planting movements in Melbourne, Australia, and the rest of the world. As I began to share the Gospel with more and more people, and more and more people seemed to respond in a positive way to Jesus, it felt increasingly that this was what God really wanted me to do.”

Scott describes Praxeis as a ministry focused on praying, sharing the gospel and training others to share the Gospel too. Their hope is to see a saturation church planting movement where all over the city of Melbourne non-believers of all races and faith backgrounds meet in homes to fall in love with Jesus, become more obedient to Him, and to join with God in His mission of reconciling all people to Him. As an example Scott describes, “Sarah and I are currently connecting with a number of Hindu households. One of these is a couple who have seen God answer really specific prayer. When we last met together in their home, both said how much they love praying together, and that they want to know Jesus, not just know about Him. There’s a long way to go, but bit by bit, God seems to be drawing them to himself.” Long term they are considering a call from God to go overseas to a people of 22 million; 0.1% being Christian, majority are Buddhist. They hope the experiences of disciple making and church planting in Melbourne will equip them to share the Gospel overseas.

The scholarship will specifically support Scott as he does the Arrow program to increase his capacity to lead others, and bring them along the journey. He reflects that “six months through Arrow (a 2 year course), God has already been shaping me. He’s spoken to me clearly about my heart attitude, the future, and how I approach my role. As well as this, perhaps for the first time, I would now say that I am competent with admin!”