Creative Digital Outreach

There’s plenty of pastors blogging and filling the internet with endless hours of podcasts, nothing new under the sun here.  However, some are breaking out of the usual box and trying new ways of using the internet.  Rob Douglas is one of them and he has found a unique way to air classic stories from the Gospels in the guise of interviews with people who have met Jesus. 

Blogs by their nature contain the viewpoint of the writers on a range of issues.  Rob’s new blog Amazing Meetings ensures that the subject always revolves around Jesus and that the stories found in the Gospels find a creative expression that enables them to be read by an audience who would not normally pick up a Bible and know what to do with it.

Most pastors preach regularly, and as part of this they must write.  Part of what they preach presumably will be stories from the Gospel and parables. It’s not a long stretch to say that virtually every pastor has the capacity to be creative either on the web through blogs in particular or other platforms that allow you to share the still revolutionary stories from the Gospels that help us keep the main thing the main thing: it’s all about Jesus. It does help that Rob is a former journalist. He understands what makes people read and what doesn’t.  Have a mosey around his website and imagine what you could do!

Rob Douglas is a former journalist and pastor who now works as Mission Leader within the aged and community services sector in Western Australia. He blogs on more general subjects here.