Churches That Inspire And Empower

Our latest edition of PRAC contains an extract of this excellent article on church vitality, which you can now read in full here. Australian National Church Life Survey (NCLS) findings reveal that a key characteristic of vitality in church life is willing and effective faith-sharing. Drawing from analysis of NCLS 2011 survey data of Victorian Baptists, and a small set of follow-up interviews, this article discusses where Victorian Baptist churches are at their best in faith-sharing practices among attenders – readiness to share faith, inviting people to church and faith-sharing in families; and faith-sharing programs and activities as churches – in local church activities, evangelism training and processes for inclusion. These results are presented alongside results for participating churches of all faith traditions. There is room for improvement in all these areas, and especially for Victorian Baptists in empowering families to share faith, fostering an invitational culture and providing evangelism training. But where faith-sharing, willingness to invite and processes for inclusion are present, churches are more likely to show health and vitality in a range of areas.

This full article was published in the AEJT – The Australian E-Journal of Theology.

Read it and download it here.