Church As The Heart Of A Community

Sitting in the foyer of the Goodlife Centre for just a few minutes gives you a good picture of how much Goodlife Church is the heart of its local community in Buderim Pines on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. From young kids with skateboards in tow heading to the skate bowl, all the way through to retirees turning up the gym and everything in between, it’s a busy community hub. Goodlife has a definite commercial dimension as it is a fully functional leisure and recreation centre. But it is very definitely a church, and it is mission driven. Its byline of ‘people matter’ comes through strongly in the manner in which the church was originally established and has grown to be the heart of its local community.

We spoke to Senior Pastor Tim Lovell to find out how all this fits together under a mission shaped umbrella.

Enterprise as Mission is a three part iDeas video.  We examine three particular contexts that help us explore the place of enterprise as mission.

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