Christmas Resources

Christmas Resources 2020

2020 has been a turbulent year for our world. For many people, their view of the world and the certainties that they thought they enjoyed have been upended. It is a troubling and unsettling time for many people.

In this context, our Christmas video resource features the hope and inspiration that a new child brings – and following on from that focuses on the birth of Jesus and the significance of this earth-changing event for us as people. This Christmas is a time when we as churches can point people towards the peace that can be found through being reconciled with God, and hope and confidence for the future no matter what.

Here are some ways in which you can use this resource:

The video below can be downloaded from our Vimeo site.

Download our accompanying Sermon Guides below:

Alternatively, you can use this video sermon based on the video delivered by Ainsley Freeman:

You can also use this captioned version:

Christmas Card Invitations for 2020

Our 2020 design is taken from our accompanying video.

Our Christmas resources are free to download. You can download them and edit for your own purposes. Apart from our new design our previous designs are also available for download. These resources are designed to accompany rather than replace the most effective form of invitation: a warm personal invitation. Feel free to edit them to your liking.

The files are print-ready .pdf and can be edited in the editable box to add church information, or further edited in Adobe Illustrator/In Design. Churches than can edit the files themselves and use their chosen printing solution. Local is usually best, but cheaper prices can be found online with options like Vistaprint.




Christmas Resources 2019

Our Christmas outreach video for 2019 will include comedy and testimony from Pastor and Comedian ‘Uncle Nath’. As in recent years, we have again produced a sermon guide to accompany the video, updated the website to share the video with others, and created new, editable, postcard designs that you can use to invite people to your church’s events this Christmas.

Christmas Video 2019

Christmas Again?! – The Real Meaning of Christmas

Christmas again! All those parties, all the money spent on presents and food and of course all the relatives. Is it worth it? Uncle Nath takes a funny look at what may be beyond the spending and the Santa side of Christmas.

This video is designed for use in your church service and for sharing on social media beyond the walls of the church. It will help explain the real meaning of Christmas to those who might be visiting you over the holiday period and to people who have no connection to church or the Christian faith. A sermon guide for churches will be linked below to help you incorporate the video into your service. This video, and the extended versions below, can also be used to share with people via social media, or your website, to help them learn more about God this Christmas.

You can share or download them directly from vimeo, or share them from or for more appropriate content, and help them find out more.

(NB: We are currently experiencing problems with the other story website. Please be patient while we resolve these. You can use vimeo or facebook to share in the meantime. Updated 15/11/19 4pm )

This web page you are currently on, is designed for church leaders to access and find out more about our resources, not for sharing with others to find out more about Jesus.

How to Download the videos

To download the video:

  1. Click one of the links below to view the relevant video on Crossover’s vimeo page.
  2. Once on the vimeo page, scroll down to page to under the video title. There will be a button which reads “Download” under the video title.
  3. Click this Download button to choose the quality of video you’d like to download to your computer.

If you wish to have a copy of these videos posted to you on a USB, please contact us via 02 9868 9236 or [email protected] before Friday 13th December to receive it in time for Christmas.

Sermon Guide

This sermon guide is designed to accompany the Real Meaning of Christmas videos with Uncle Nath, as linked above. The sermon is abbreviated, as befits a Christmas sermon often delivered to an audience with plenty of people not used to frequenting church. Please feel encouraged to edit it for your community’s context.

Other Christmas Videos:

You can view our existing Christmas videos, including accompanying sermon guides as listed below:
‘Do you celebrate the answer, but miss the question’ by clicking here. 

The Other Story of Christmas – click here

Christmas Card Invitations for 2019

Christmas Loading – option 1


Christmas Loading options 2 and 3 contain this poem on the second size:

Shiny baubles, fairy lights, shopping stress, family fights,
endless parties, too much food, cheesy music, faux festive mood.
Empty rituals, fake summer snow, all night shopping on the go.
Empty feelings, hollow ring, Is this what Jesus meant to bring?

Christmas Loading – option 2


Christmas Loading – option 3


Christmas Crossword Design


Real Meaning

More Designs…

The Other Story

This design accompanies the Other Story video and includes a QR code and link to the video website As usual, there is space to add the details of your church’s upcoming Christmas services and/or events.



Jesus is the answer

It’s Christmas and you’re invited

Its Christmas version 2


This card features the evangelistic legacy of Arthur Stace who, after encountering God dedicated the rest of his life to alerting people to the possibility of Eternity through Christ.






Scrabble cross

This card reminds us that the baby Jesus whose birth we celebrate at Christmas would go on to to die on a cross so that we could know the gift of forgiveness.






birth announcement

This card mimics a typical birth announcement except this baby is like no other.






This card is themed on the imagery of a ‘tree’. The tree normally featured at Christmas is a green tree with baubles and lights. This card features string lights in the shape of a cross, redirecting the meaning back to Christ and looking forward his redemptive work on the Cross.














Do You Need Hope?

This card is designed to reach out to people longing for a break – some peace amidst a busy and at times unforgiving world. The promise of Jesus to give a peace which the world cannot give is featured. This card is built around the concept of hope which we can hold out to the world at Christmas – hope in Jesus.







What If God Where One Of Us?

This card centers on the Incarnation – the amazing fact that Jesus became one of us and identified with us through incarnation. The intent is to convey the immanence of God through Jesus.







The Christmas Story

This card gives Christmas day a generic theme: ‘The Christmas Story’. Churches can use this as is or change the title. It uses more traditional imagery common at Christmas. It features John 3:16, an incredible act of love.








What Does It All Mean?

This card is designed to help people cut through the business and commercialism of Christmas and ask questions about the real meaning of Christmas. It uses John 3:16 to center the meaning in the Incarnation – God’s love for the whole world.







What’s The Best Gift?





The Meaning Of Christmas