Christmas Resources 2014

This year’s Christmas resources are ready for download. You can download them free and edit for your own purpose. We have four new styles to choose from, and as usual our previous designs are also available for download.

We have tried to create a few different options this year. Some of the cards feature a retro style that serves the purpose of standing out and not blending into the traditional look of cards which are in plenty at this time of year. We also have a straight forward invitational card which can be used by churches as an invitation to hear the Christmas story. Along with our existing cards these new additions extend your range of choice.

The files are print ready .pdf and can be edited in Adobe Illustrator. Churches than cannot edit the files themselves will be able to have that done with their chosen printing solution. Local is usually best, but cheaper prices can be found online.

Click on the dropbox links below each option to download either the card option or the post card option.

1.  Do You Need Hope?

This card is designed to reach out to people longing for a break – some peace amidst a busy and at times unforgiving world. The promise of Jesus to give a peace which the world cannot give is featured. This card is built around the concept of hope which we can hold out to the world at Christmas – hope in Jesus.




2.  What If God Where One Of Us?

This card centers on the Incarnation – the amazing fact that Jesus became one of us and identified with us through incarnation. The intent is to convey the immanence of God through Jesus.



3.  The Christmas Story

This card gives Christmas day a generic theme: ‘The Christmas Story’. Churches can use this as is or change the title. It uses more traditional imagery common at Christmas. It features John 3:16, an incredible act of love.




4.  What Does It All Mean?

This card is designed to help people cut through the business and commercialism of Christmas and ask questions about the real meaning of Christmas. It uses John 3:16 to center the meaning in the Incarnation – God’s love for the whole world.





Click here to view, and download, our past designs in card format.