Christmas Card And Postcard Resources

Crossover is pleased to offer a range of Christmas invitational cards and postcards for free download. In recent years the demand for over-printing has fallen markedly as churches source their own local printing solutions. Subsequently, from 2013 we will offer a digital download only. The files are print ready .pdf and can be edited in Adobe Illustrator. Churches than cannot edit the files themselves will be able to have that done with their chosen printing solution. Local is usually best, but cheaper prices can be found online. Click on the links below each option to download either the card option or the post card option:







Crossover PostCard Option2








Printing Advice

Your local printer should be able to make any edits you want to in terms of adding your church address and event details. The cards and post cards are standard size but this often varies between printers, as does the ‘bleed’ size.

Resource use

This resource is best used in the context of a personal invitation. Some churches print large amounts for distribution locally and this helps create awareness. However, nothing beats a personal invitation and this resource is best used when handed over in person with a smile and a warm verbal invitation.