McCrindle’s Latest Report on “The Future Consumer”

McCrindle’s latest report on “The Future Consumer” is available for download.
In this comprehensive report for leaders, details are shared about the future generational distinctives, global impacts and digital patterns.  The report includes a number of excellent infographics.

NCLS- The Importance of Faith, Spirituality and Prayer

National Church Life Survey has released some great information about the ways Australians are turning to their spiritual reserves and resources during these unprecedented times.

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Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Easter Offering. We appreciate your support, especially in uncertain times.Thank you to everyone who participated (and who will) in our Easter Offering. We appreciate your support especially in uncertain times.

Christmas Resources

Christmas Resources 2020

2020 has been a turbulent year for our world. For many people, their view of the world and the certainties that they thought they enjoyed have been upended. It is a troubling and unsettling time for many people.

In this context, our Christmas video resource features the hope and inspiration that a new child brings – and following on from that focuses on the birth of Jesus and the significance of this earth-changing event for us as people. This Christmas is a time when we as churches can point people towards the peace that can be found through being reconciled with God, and hope and confidence for the future no matter what.

Here are some ways in which you can use this resource:

The video below can be downloaded from our Vimeo site.

Download our accompanying Sermon Guides below:

Alternatively, you can use this video sermon based on the video delivered by Ainsley Freeman:

You can also use this captioned version:

Christmas Card Invitations for 2020

Our 2020 design is taken from our accompanying video.

Our Christmas resources are free to download. You can download them and edit for your own purposes. Apart from our new design our previous designs are also available for download. These resources are designed to accompany rather than replace the most effective form of invitation: a warm personal invitation. Feel free to edit them to your liking.

The files are print-ready .pdf and can be edited in the editable box to add church information, or further edited in Adobe Illustrator/In Design. Churches than can edit the files themselves and use their chosen printing solution. Local is usually best, but cheaper prices can be found online with options like Vistaprint.




Christmas Resources 2019


How To Connect With Your Community On The Internet – Part #1

Have you ever wondered how easy (or hard) it is for people in your local community to find out about your church? Many churches rarely think about this because they are blessed with a membership of regular attenders. This however can limit thinking about reaching out to people who don’t necessarily know where you are or what you offer. There are some very effective steps you can take for free that will help you connect with your community. (more…)

The Gospel & Social Enterprise -maximising mission and social impact

Our special guest is Adam James, from Cup From Above. Adam was an instant coffee drinker, who found himself to be the accidental owner of a café after a business deal went sour. Things have changed a lot. He now knows a lot about good coffee and Cup From Above has grown into a fully fledged charity making a difference in one of Brisbane’s toughest communities. Adam now has a substantial network of churches involved and café chaplains. (more…)

The Meaning of Easter & Easter Offering Resources

Instead of creating a fund raising video for our Easter Offering 2016 we’ve responded to feedback and created a short video resource to help you convey the meaning of Easter. (more…)

Christmas Story Video Challenge Starts

A reminder that our Christmas Story YouTube Video Challenge starts tommorow October 1 and you will have till Sunday 31 November to get your entries uploaded. Find out more here.


Christmas Story Video Challenge

Do you think you and some friends can explain the Christmas Story in less than three minutes using a creative video? If you think you can we would like you to enter our Christmas Story You Tube Challenge. This Christmas Crossover hopes to unleash the power of viral digital content and unearth the latent creative talent that we have in our churches across the land through a competition to create the most effective video explanation of the Christmas Story in under 3 minutes. By stirring up the creative genius in our churches we hope the end result will be some excellent digital content that can be shared via e-mail, social media , blogs and website.  We have some excellent prizes for the top three contributors.  Read more here.

Facebook Pastor – Series 2

In this second edition of Facebook Pastor we talk to Wayne Field, pastor of Australind Baptist Church in Western Australia. Wayne is an active user of Facebook as well as a busy blogger who interacts regularly online.  Wayne has some very clear strategies behind how he uses Facebook, especially from a missional point of view. (more…)