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Hitting the Road – Chaplaincy on the Move

During the first few months of COVID after Easter, our part-time Operations Manager Stan Fetting pulled on his boots to respond to the opportunity to serve with the Australian Army Read more

ABM 2020 Easter Message

Bleak Holidays this Easter…

As we watch our worlds being torn apart and are not at all sure of how the new normal will look, there is a very deep Read more

ABM 2019 Christmas Message

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is a time of family reunion and celebration for many people. This year this will be powerfully true for Timothy Weeks’ family in Wagga Wagga. Freed Taliban Read more

Jesus the Game Changer: to the ends of the earth

The spiritual landscape of the 21st Century is changing. Mainstream and social media is presenting a new narrative, and it is one that has erased a central figure that Read more

Evangelism: more prayed for than practiced

Most Protestant churchgoers say they are eager to talk to others about Jesus, and are praying for opportunities to share their faith. But most say they have not had any Read more

Taking Church On The Run – helping people find purpose in their passion.

During a dark night of anguish and disappointment Jimmy Brown felt the strong call of God, to relinquish his paid role as a Baptist minister, and to reach a specific Read more

Evangelism In A Skeptical World – book review

It’s hard to find anyone in a Baptist church who doesn’t passionately believe in evangelism, and its equally hard to find a church that doesn’t have meaningful connections with their Read more

Emerge Evangelism Conference Report

As followers of Jesus there are many moments in life that we look back upon which we acknowledge to be pivotal and significant in our faith journey, maturity and discipleship. Read more

Discipleship Checklist for Churches

Discipleship for churches is a bit like healthy eating for people: we all know we need to but we don’t necessarily have a plan in place and even if we Read more

Building A Discipling Culture

‘Discipling’ is one of those concepts that sits atop the lexicon of concepts Christians are in furious agreement on – in that like evangelism and mission, we regard discipling as Read more