Coronavirus Church Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has plunged the world into a crisis that is unprecedented for many nations in the post WW2 era. For many people across the world, it will be nothing new, as they live in a state of perpetual disruption thanks to war or famine or both. It is nevertheless a significant shock to many Australians who have grown up with the comfort of living in the land of plenty. This is exactly a time for the church to step up and continue in the tradition first established by the Early Church of sacrificial service and living out the love of God in the face of crisis. (more…)

Enterprise As Mission – Unleashing Your Church’s Entrepreneurs

We’re pretty good as a movement when it comes to encouraging our members to ‘witness at work’. Increasingly we are even becoming open to entrepreneurial activities, often connected to the funding of mission. But what if the work of each of our members was seen as a calling as valid as that of the pastor? What if enterprise itself is mission, rather than just funding mission or a context in which you can do mission? In our latest iDeas video edition we examine three particular contexts that help us explore the place of enterprise as mission. (more…)

The Power Of Hospitality As Mission

At first glance the operation of QCCC consists of conference and camping centres that generate a lot of money that the Baptist denomination find useful to fund mission. At second glance the commercial activity of QCCC is mission itself. (more…)

Business & Social Enterprise As Mission

Many Christians view their pastor as having a ‘calling’, whilst they just ‘work’. Every now and then they get to ‘witness’ at work. But what if your work is your calling just as important as that of a pastor? (more…)

Church As The Heart Of A Community

Sitting in the foyer of the Goodlife Centre for just a few minutes gives you a good picture of how much Goodlife Church is the heart of its local community in Buderim Pines on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. From young kids with skateboards in tow heading to the skate bowl, all the way through to retirees (more…)

Carols by Streetlight

Carols by Streetlight was birthed out of Rostrevor Baptist Church in Adelaide in 2014, when Astrid was inspired by God to start a movement of Christians singing the Gospel to their neighbourhoods. (more…)

Small Church, Big Challenges; Great God, New Vision

Broadview Baptist is an inner-suburb church in Adelaide with a congregation of mainly seniors, that has recently struggled for critical mass. They are alive to God and have not been afraid to ask the big questions! (more…)

What Do We Do With Evangelists In The Church Today?

CrossoveriDeasEdition10.300pxSome people don’t find an easy fit in today’s church. Many evangelists feel this way. In this edition of Crossover iDeas video we explore the role and ministry of the evangelist within our movement of Baptist churches. Filmed on location in Melbourne at our inaugural Emerging Evangelists Conference, we interview our main speaker from the UK Dennis Pethers and conference delegates from around our nation. In a church context where pastoral ministry is a key concentration where does the role and calling of an evangelist fit? This video examines some of the key issues churches need to address in relation to those in its midst who have the gifting and calling of an evangelist. We’ve made this edition of iDeas specifically to help your church ask these questions and explore where the ministry of the evangelist fits into your unique context. (more…)

Easter Offering 2013 – The Continuing Adventures of Pastor Max and Church

For over 20 years Baptist churches across Australia have been taking up an offering each Easter to support the work of Crossover. This year’s video continues to follow the adventures of Pastor Max and his congregation as they keep on stepping outside of their comfort zone, guided by Crossover resourcing. Apart from being a fun way of informing people of the work of Crossover the video contains some great ideas and inspiration for churches looking to expand their missional footprint. A pack containing a DVD and Easter Offering brochures is being sent in early March. You can choose to play the video in church straight from Vimeo or download it. Churches can also share this video via e-mail and social media and link on church websites. Watch the video here or below: . (more…)

Mixing Missional With Business

Convict transportation-1These days Christian campsites are capable of generating a lot of profit especially from school groups. Many thousands of children & youth pass through campsites , and for some of them it’s the closest they will get to coming anywhere near a church. So how does a camp director walk the fine line between running a profitable business and ensuring that the campsite takes advantage of its missional potential. Andrew Grant is determined to be a success as both, and he has developed some interesting new initiatives that expose people to stories that teach the Christian faith: