Breaking Through

btuweb2_350pxOften when we think of evangelism we think of strategies, programs, leading people to Jesus courses, massive outdoor events, preaching the gospel. But how often do we think of prayer in that mix? We pray for our family, our church, our work, our health but how often do we focus on and spend extended periods of prayer for those who are not yet Christians?

There are those who don’t know Jesus in our workplace, in our family, those who are mere acquaintances, those who hover around the fringes of our church, those who we bump into from time to time. How often do we pray as a church that God will soften our hearts to pray for those who are not yet Christians?

How often do we pray that God will give us opportunities to connect with those who don’t know him? If the ruler of this world has blinded peoples eyes with a veil of darkness so they resist the truth (2 Corinthians 4:4) then surely the only way to lift that veil is through our spiritual weapon of prayer. If the word of God says that ‘Our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh but…against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12) then surely we must fight with our spiritual weapon of prayer.

In offering Breaking Through to your church we are hoping that as you undertake it, it will increase the activity of prayer in your church for those who are not yet Christians. We believe that prayer precedes, works alongside and covers evangelistic strategies, programs and events in a crucial way. It is a fundamental and often overlooked or minimised component in our programs. If we truly want to be effective in bringing more people into the kingdom of God we must bring people in through prayer.! We believe that it’s through prayer that we will experience break through in people’s lives, seeing the darkness lifted and we will watch them walk into God’s marvelous light!

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We are offering this resource in digital format ready for you to download and use either digitally or to print off yourselves. If your church has a good enough photocopier you can print off the manuals in-house or you can use a local printer (Officeworks, Snap, Kwik, etc). The brochures and postcards can also be printed locally or you can choose from a range of online printers such as Vistaprint.

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Breaking Through – Leadership Guide

Breaking Through – Small Group Leader’s Guide

Prayer of Obedience Booklet: Book 1, by Dr Stuart Robinson.
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