Bereavement Resource

Over the years I’ve also found many Christian families welcome the opportunity within a bereavement context to witness to their relatives and friends about the life they, or their loved one, have as followers of Jesus – like telling stories in the funeral service.

Funeral services are a wonderful opportunity to sensitively communicate the hope that can be found in Christ. The bereavement resource is designed as a gentle keepsake that people can take away with them and ponder further. There are lots of ways that a resource like that this can be used:

• An insert in a funeral service order of service

• A resource available from a table in the church foyer

• A gift posted/given to grieving families during pastoral contact

• etc.

Obviously there is more to presenting the gospel than giving out a piece of paper. People come to faith through relationships and friendship. But sometimes the Holy Spirit also uses tools that plant life-producing seeds in the minds of those He is drawing to Himself, and maybe a resource like this one is something God might use in the hearts and minds of those confronted with the loss of a friend or relative.

If using a resource like this strikes a chord, our suggestion is that your church purchases a reasonably large supply that you have on hand for when the occasion is right. We will always seek to make prompt delivery orders whenever requested, but usually the planning for a funeral event is only a few days and it would be better to have stock on hand rather than rushing an order through.

To order contact Melanie in our Sydney office:

p  +61 (02) 9868 9236
E [email protected]

To view the whole resource click here: Bereavement Resource