Baptist Churches Up Close And Personal – What The Research Says

The National Church Life Survey

How has your church joined the discussion on the results of the National Church Life Survey (NCLS)? What will be your response as a church? As leadership? – to the challenges of evangelism and church planting?

NCLS identified nine core qualities of the church to consider: faith, worship, belonging, vision, leadership, innovation, service, faith-sharing, inclusion. In this edition of iDeas dvd we speak to Ian Hussey, from Maylon College, for a picture of the general trends emerging from the Baptist responses to the survey. To help us understand how research can help local churches shape their mission, we spoke to Darren Cronshaw, Researcher for Mission Catalyst (BUV). Phil Bryant, Church Health Consultant WA, helps us understand trends in church planting and Andrew Turner, Church Development SA, helps us understand the picture emerging about evangelism.

There are five metaphors which describe the role Crossover has in coming alongside Australian Baptist Churches in evangelism. A table, a toolbox, a broker, a partner and a mirror. One of the ways we operate as a mirror, is to invest in Australian Baptist Churches doing the National Church Life Survey (NCLS).

Download our discussion guide to start a conversation with your church leaders; to consider the encouraging pictures and great challenges emerging from this research for Baptist Churches around Australia, and more specifically how your church will respond?

If your church participated in the NCLS have your results handy so that you can refer to them as you follow through on the discussion.

Download the discussion guide hereCrossover iDeas Episode 11 Discussion Guide

More episodes of iDeas are also available on our vimeo channel