Another good idea: calling Charlie

“Jesus’ cry is for you to break the mould of lukewarm faith, to break down the fences and to follow him out into the wild. It will mean rising above the noise and conflicting messages being screamed by the media and often your friends. It will stretch and excite you at the same time; it will take you to places you would have never otherwise gone. It will open your eyes to injustice and to the seemingly hopeless pain of others. Most of all it will inspire you to share the truth with those who don’t know it, because you will no longer be able to contain it.” Calling Charlie is an interactive DVD and study guide resource that takes a practical and innovative look at what it means to embrace the heart of God for the world. It tackles four of the big issues facing young adult Christians in this generation: Calling, Justice, Mission and Culture, emphasising the need to listen to God, hear His call on our lives and take it seriously – wherever that may take us, whatever that may be.

While Calling Charlie was created for young adult Christians, it is applicable to everyone. It is a four part series, designed to be used in home groups, church services, camps or as stand-alone sessions. The interactive DVD includes various video clips and allows time for three or four pauses for discussion questions that are provided in an accompanying study guide. The guide also includes extra questions, resources, prayers and further links.

Young adult pastors and leaders who are searching for an entertaining, informative and thought-provoking resource that will confront cultural norms, challenge the status quo, push the boundaries and provide some real ‘meat’ for young adult discipleship: Calling Charlie is for you. Calling Charlie was created because Global Interaction recognised that calling, justice, mission and culture are the hot topics that young adult Christians are faced with as they explore what it means to be authentic followers of Jesus. Calling Charlie tackles these big issues head on. It asks the tough questions, provides a reflection of current Christian culture and provides a forum to ponder the implications.

Calling Charlie was produced by our Baptist cross-cultural mission agency, Global Interaction, and Room 3, the cutting edge media team.
Crossover is pleased to be a funding partner of Calling Charlie, as we fulfil our mandate to provide Baptist churches with quality, Australian-made resources. We encourage all young adult pastors and leaders to use it widely.

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