Crossover is a national initiative of Australian Baptist Ministries (Baptist Union of Australia) and is committed to:

  • Resourcing churches in effective communication of the gospel.
  • Equipping pastors and leaders.
  • Facilitating mission.

We use four metaphors and associated words to describe Crossover’s objectives:

toolbox1. Toolbox – Creative Resources

Producing low cost evangelistic resources that provoke spiritual exploration and enable gospel-sharing dialogue.

table2. Table – Converse Events

Bringing specialist expertise and strategic missional thinkers together to ‘spark’ new ideas for reaching out nation for Christ.

mirror3.  Mirror – Context Trends

Reflecting back to the church how we are doing and highlighting trends in our culture that offer opportunities for presenting Jesus’ good news.

broker4. Broker – Connect BLOG + 

Matching the best ideas, tools and user friendly resources in evangelism with churches keen to reach their needs.