7 Ideas For Engaging Your Community This Christmas

There are two key seasons when people who don’t normally have anything to do with faith or church lower their usual defenses to engage: Easter and Christmas.

Even though Australia is a hot country and we don’t relate to the northern European imagery of snow Australians still do get into the Christmas spirit. It’s a season of potential for churches in reaching out to people they don’t normally engage with.  Here’s some ideas to consider for your church:

1. Lights

Aussies love seeing Christmas lights. In each city and town people travel around in droves to gaze at light displays. Some of the most outstanding examples are churches who have invested over the years in more elaborate displays that create wonder and draw people in. Some churches just have the light display but more often than not it is only one of the attractions. There are living displays depicting biblical scenes and often performances and dramatic productions to tell the story of Christmas.

2. Market

Aussies love browsing through markets, especially new or one off markets that pop up. Churches can use markets to help local market stall holders and organisations to advertise their wares as well as providing their own stalls, face painting, petting zoos, bouncy castles, food stalls, etc. Make it festive and fun for families. Organise some musicians and make it a market to remember.

3. Go Caroling

Churches often expect people to come to them at Christmas. How about going to the people? Organise a choir to go around your local neighbourhood and serenade people where they live with carols. Another option is to hire a flatbed truck and drive around your local streets with a choir and also have gifts to hand out to children along with invitations for your services and events.

4. Put On A Concert

One of the best ways to explain the story of Christmas is through utilising the considerable musical and dramatic skills of your congregation to celebrate and tell the Christmas story. There are many outstanding examples of this as churches get better at it every year and build on a strong tradition that they created in their local neighbourhood.

5. Adopt an Angel Tree

Promote fund raising at Christmas for children from poverty struck areas to be able to receive gifts. You can choose to target needy children from within or near your local community or from another country. Promote this in your neighbourhood and become a conduit through which people’s generosity can be channelled.

6. Gift Wrapping Station

Host a gift wrapping station on nights or Saturdays leading up to Christmas to help busy and overwhelmed (or under talented at wrapping) people pop in to have their gifts wrapped for free by their local church.

7. Parents Night Out Event

Arrange a night where local parents can drop off their children for a night (or Saturday) of entertainment whilst they shop without the added hassle of tied and grumpy kids. Churches are well set up to look after kids. Local parents will be extremely appreciative of this gift to them.

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