Baptists in Mission Conference – 5-7 July, 2021 – REGISTER NOW!

Despite Crossover being affected heavily by Covid-19, we’ve bounced back by collaborating with Global Interaction to produce the biggest ever missions conference we’ve seen in our movement of churches in July this year. It illustrates the opportunity we have to help our movement fulfil the mandate of the Great Commission.

We have been working hard in planning with a team of stakeholders from Global Interaction, Crossover, Baptist State Associations and Unions, Morling, Whitley and Malyon Colleges, and other Australian Baptist ministries and agencies.  This is a key gathering and a significant moment to come together as a movement (virtually and physically) to share in the call to be involved in God’s mission to Australia and beyond.

Monday 5th- Wednesday 7th July 2021

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In Hubs and online across Australia!


Easter Message 2021 from Mark Wilson

Power through powerlessness Easter Message 2021

At first glance, The Cross of Jesus stands as a picture of powerlessness. The man who hangs on the cross is dying in shame, condemned by the authorities that exact maximum punishment for crimes against the state. But this is the same man who has fed the hungry, healed the sick and yes, even raised the dead. How could it have all gone so wrong?

 Yet take another, longer look at Jesus on the Cross and you will also see a very powerful victory. Jesus was innocent of the crimes he was executed for. In fact, he was innocent full stop. Being nailed to a cross outside Jerusalem was not a mistake … it was the plan. God’s plan to pay the price and make a way for you and me to have a personal relationship with God. Forever.

And so, we see the power in the seemingly powerless circumstances of a truly innocent man — innocent of everything — being executed on my behalf and your behalf.

God has done the work. He has made the way. The gift of eternal relationship with God is being offered with out-stretched arms. The choice is yours. 

You do not have to earn it … it is not for sale. You do not have to get prepared … he wants to meet you just as you are. There is nothing between you and God except your willingness to accept His gift.

But all this could not have happened if Jesus — the truly innocent man — did not die on a cross and then rise to life again three days later.

That is why we celebrate Easter. 

Reverend Mark Wilson

Acting Director- Crossover

National Ministries Director -Australian Baptist Ministries

2021 Crossover Easter Offering

2021 is an exciting year for Crossover as we join forces with Global InterAction to host the biggest evangelism conference in our 30+ year history. We are looking to forward an event that is accessible to everyone, whether they attend in a local hub or online. This is just one of the ways in which we will be getting behind Baptist churches this year. (more…)