Christmas Video Resource for 2020

2020 has been a turbulent year for our world. For many people, their view of the world and the certainties that they thought they enjoyed have been upended. It is a troubling and unsettling time for many people. (more…)

Free Webinar: To the Ends of the Earth: How do you get there in a global pandemic?

Join Karl Faase and Ed Stetzer for this live webinar event to explore ministry and mission in 2020 and beyond, hearing from guests about their first-hand experience. You will also hear more about the Jesus the Game Changer documentary and how this resource could be used to inspire your church community to go on mission, even while they are stuck at home.

Click here for a quick video from Karl with more information.

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Forming Church Podcast

The NSW & ACT Gen1K Mission Team launched a brilliant new Podcast series this week. Forming Church is all about exploring what church planting, mission and evangelism could look like in our rapidly changing world. They have created content that generates learning and conversation around these areas, while resourcing the next generation of planters, urban missionaries and followers of Jesus in contemporary Australian contexts.

The podcast is being produced by the Baptist Association of NSW & ACT in collaboration with Lead by Story, and will be hosted by Will Small and Benj Gould, who currently host Inhabit podcast — a conversation about forming habits to help us follow Jesus. After each episode Jamie Freeman will sit down with a few friends and unpack what was just heard, sharing insights and dreaming about what Forming Church could look like across Australia.

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PRAC Spring 2020 Edition – Coping With Covid: how churches have responded

The Spring edition of PRAC has sprung. In it, we chart how churches have risen to the challenge of Covid-19 restrictions. (more…)