Jesus the Game Changer: to the ends of the earth

The spiritual landscape of the 21st Century is changing. Mainstream and social media is presenting a new narrative, and it is one that has erased a central figure that made Australia and many other Western nations what they are, and that person is Jesus. (more…)

Evangelism: more prayed for than practiced

Most Protestant churchgoers say they are eager to talk to others about Jesus, and are praying for opportunities to share their faith. But most say they have not had any evangelistic conversations in the past six months. (more…)

Taking Church On The Run – helping people find purpose in their passion.

During a dark night of anguish and disappointment Jimmy Brown felt the strong call of God, to relinquish his paid role as a Baptist minister, and to reach a specific group of people he had grown to love: runners. In this interview Jimmy outlines the genesis on a unique church plant and the biblical and missional principles behind it.

You can find out more about Runner Church from their website, which contains some helpful tools for this ministry to be replicated. The principles behind this form of church plant are transferrable. Any particualr niche sub culture can be reached using these principles. You can also follow their Facebook page here.